One of the users of secure web gateways is the Palo Alto Networks. How does a secure web gateway work for Palo Alto networks? Let us find out.

What Is A Secure Web Gateway In Palo Alto Networks?

A web gateway is a device that allows you to send requests to the Internet through your network. A web gateway can also be used to provide security and control for your traffic before it enters or leaves your network. 

There are two types of web gateway:

  • Proxy Web Gateway
  • Application firewall with web gateway

How Does A Secure Web Gateway In Palo Alto Networks Work?

A secure web gateway works by taking care of the requests that come from the internet and then sending them into your network. It will then check for any malicious content, such as viruses and spam, and block them. 

It can also be used to control how and when people use the Internet on the computers inside your network. So this way you can limit their time on social media sites, or even block them altogether if you wish. 

You can also use it to block websites that you don’t want them to use, like gambling sites or sites with inappropriate content. You can also use it to block access to certain applications, such as Skype or FTP file-sharing services.

So this way you can control what they do on their computers while they are online. You can also use a secure web gateway to block unwanted traffic at the network level. 

So this is important because many businesses have employees who work remotely using VPN connections. You may not want these employees accessing the Internet through your internet connection. 

However, if you block them, they will not be able to access their work computers at all. With a secure web gateway, you can create a separate VPN connection for their computer.

So that they will not interfere with your business traffic. You could even set up a separate VPN connection for each remote worker.

So that they will only be able to access specific resources in your network. Such as their email server or file server. 

It is a way you can make sure that they will not access other information. It is because they are remote workers who do not have the same access rights as office workers who work in the office every day.

If you have employees who work away from home often. Or if you have contractors working for different companies using their laptop computers, this is an important feature.

You can also use a secure web gateway in this way if you want to keep track of what remote workers are doing while they are online. So that you know what information they have accessed.


So this was a brief overview of what a secure web gateway is. Before you make any decisions about what kind of web gateway you want for your company. 

You should consider how much control you want over the employees’ Internet use. You should also think about what kind of employees you have. 

And if they will be working away from the office often and need access to corporate resources.

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