The secure web gateway 2021 is a new type of firewall that protects against cyber attacks from malicious websites. Also, we will explain what SWG is and how it works, and provide some useful information about its features.

Introducing Secure Web Gateway 2021

Secure Web Gateway 2021 is a new type of firewall that protects against cyber attacks from malicious websites. They use a variety of methods to infect the user’s computer. 

These attacks have become increasingly widespread and dangerous. So web applications have become more sophisticated. 

The SWG is a new way to combat threats by offering a unique combination of security capabilities. That is available today in no other single product. 

Rather than relying on signatures to identify malicious sites. Also, a secure web gateway provides real-time protection through dynamic analysis of each site the user may visit. 

So this protection is achieved through the use of a threat detection engine (TDE) and an adaptive security model. It allows the system to learn and adapt to new threats as they emerge.

The Secure Web Gateway 2021 features include:

There are many features that a secure web gateway brings to the table. Many of which are listed below:

1. Protection against Web-based Attacks and Infections 

2. Web Traffic Filtering 

3. Real-Time Protection with Dynamic Analysis 

4. Malware Protection 

5. Secure IT Management 

6. Threat Detection Engine (TDE) 

7. Adaptive Security Model 

8. Threat Intelligence, Reporting, and Alerting 

9. Device Protection (Web, Mobile, and WiFi) 

10. Application Control (Web, Mobile, and WiFi) 

11. URL Filtering & Whitelisting

What Advantage That Secure Web Gateway 2020 Brings In The Industry?

Security is one of the most vital aspects of any organization. Because cybercriminals can use different methods to take over your system and steal your data. 

So it is very important to have a good firewall and antivirus software to protect your data from cyber-attacks. However, if you want to go one step ahead and protect yourself from the latest cyberattacks, then you should try Secure Web Gateway 2020. 

It is a really powerful firewall that will help you in getting rid of the virus. Also, malware, adware, and other malware are present on your system. 

So this software will provide you with full security against all kinds of cyber attacks that occur daily on the internet. It provides you with real-time protection against malicious websites, cookies, spyware, etc. 

The additional features of this software are that it provides you with web traffic filtering. Also, like content filtering, threat detection engine (TDE), and adaptive security model. 

The software also has URL filtering & whitelisting capabilities, malware protection, and secure IT management. It helps in reducing overall costs for your organization. 

In addition to this, it also helps in threat intelligence, reporting, and alerting about newly discovered threats. So that you can take immediate action before it harms your system completely. 

One of the best things about this software is that it has device protection. And also application control (web, mobile, and WiFi) is available for your system.

So it will keep your systems safe from even a new type of cyber attack. 

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