A Network Security 1.0 Course teaches students the fundamentals of network security. As a result, this course is designed for anybody who wants to learn the fundamentals of networking ideas and protocols. Continue reading for more details.

What Does Network Security Course Entail?

Network Security Course is typically taken by students who desire to improve their network security abilities or begin a career in the sector. As a result, this course will educate students on how to secure computer networks and handle security information.

How Does the Network Security Course Function?

The purpose of this course is to teach students the fundamentals of computer networks and how they are utilized. It is designed to educate students on the fundamentals of networking, including network topology, networking devices, regulations, protocols, and models.

As a result, this course educates students about security risks and weaknesses, as well as how to fight against them. Other topics covered in the course include risk analysis, disaster recovery, cryptography, and more.

Who Should Enroll in the Network Security Course?

It is a course geared toward people interested in pursuing a career in computer networking or learning more about networking ideas. This course is available to students both online and in a classroom environment.

It is intended for both people with little or no networking experience and those with more knowledge and expertise in the sector. It can be completed as part of a degree program or as a stand-alone course.

How Long Does a Network Security Course Last?

The length of this course is determined by the school where it is taken and the format (online vs classroom). Some universities offer this course as part of a five-year degree program.

Some, on the other hand, provide it as part of an online certificate program that can run up to two years depending on the curriculum. Kennesaw State University, for example, offers this course for six weeks.

Whereas the University of Phoenix provides an online certification program that lasted at least 10 and 12 weeks depending on the student’s schedule.

What are the prerequisites for the Network Security Course?

Students who want to take this course must have completed high school. As a result, they should have finished the advanced algebra and geometry courses.

Students who wish to take this course must also be familiar with computers and software platforms. They should also be familiar with networking and computer security.

Description of the Course:

ClS284NS educates students about the ever-increasing demand for network security specialists. This course combines hands-on practice, instructor-led lectures, and student-accessible web-based material. 

The course provides an overview of network security and overall security practices. After completing this course, the student will be prepared to take a network security certification exam with confidence.


  • Analyze the security demands of a simulated company based on known security risks, and then pick suitable security hardware, software, policies, and settings based on that analysis.
  • Advanced router and switch installation, setup, monitoring, troubleshooting, maintenance, and recovery skills are required.
  • Configure the router and switch intrusion detection functions.
  • Install and configure CSACS on routers and switches for AAA service.
  • To maintain privacy and secrecy, configure site-to-site VPNs between devices and remote access VPNs between devices and clients.
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