How can network security works without the firewall? Is it possible? But what are the following benefits of having firewall in network.

What Is Network Security Without Firewall?

Network security without a firewall means that you are not using any firewall to protect your network. If you do not have a firewall, then you are at risk for cyber attacks. 

A firewall is a great tool for network security. If you do not have a firewall on your network, anyone in the world can access your computer from the internet and do anything they want with it. 

They can steal your data or even destroy your computer.

Network Security Without Firewall Is Not Okay

A lot of people say that they don’t want a firewall on their network. It is because they think it will slow down their network or just because they don’t understand how a firewall works. 

So this is why most networks get hacked today. If you are one of them, let us give you some reasons why you should protect your network with a firewall.

The Benefits Of Network Security With A Firewall

If you are still not sure whether or not you want to use a firewall on your network. Let us give you some reasons why you should consider using a firewall.

1. A Firewall Is Mandatory For Every Network

Because you are accessing the internet through your computer, a firewall is mandatory for every network. A firewall protects your computer and your network from attacks by preventing incoming and outgoing traffic. 

Your network will be safe from malicious attacks if you have a firewall on it. 

2. A Firewall Keeps Your Data Private And Secure From Hackers

When you don’t have a firewall, anyone can access your computer from the internet. They can see what is on your computer, steal your data or even destroy your computer by deleting all of the files on it. 

Some people say that they do not have anything important on their computer that anyone would want to steal. But hackers can also steal personal data like social security numbers and credit card numbers.

That is very sensitive information and can be used to commit fraud or identity theft. So if you keep any of these on your computer, hackers can steal them and use them for bad things. 

Also, this is why you should always use a firewall to protect your data from hackers. 

3. A Firewall Prevents Unwanted Programs From Being Downloaded On Your Computer And Installed On Your Network 

If someone has access to your computer and knows how to use a Command Prompt (cmd). So they can run programs through cmd which will allow them to connect to other computers.

Without being noticed by the user who is logged in to that computer at that moment. When this happens, the person with access to the cmd will have total control over all of those computers at the same time. 

So this is called a worm or Trojan virus, depending on how it was created. And also how it works internally in the system once it is inside our network or our computers.

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