Many people want to know how to change from VPN to ZTNA. Maybe you’re wondering the same thing, so let’s get to the bottom of it.

How Do I Change My VPN To ZTNA?

Let us first define VPN and ZTNA before we address this question. VPN technology allows you to mask your identity online and access restricted websites and apps.

Google’s Zero Trust Network Access is known as ZTNA. So this is an app that allows you to access restricted websites and apps.

So, how can you change your VPN to ZTNA? Switching from VPN to ZTNA is the same as switching from VPN to ZTNA.

The app, however, makes a distinction. You must install and utilize the ZTNA App on your smartphone.

What Is the Distinction Between VPN and ZTNA?

One of the queries you may have about switching VPN to ZTNA is what the difference is. What’s the distinction between VPN and ZTNA?

VPNs, which are among the most popular legacy security solutions in use today, are designed to ease access control by allowing end-users to securely access a network, and hence corporate resources, through a defined tunnel, typically via single sign-on (SSO).

VPNs functioned effectively for employees who needed to work remotely for a day or two for many years, but as the globe saw more and more long-term remote workers, these VPNs were rendered obsolete owing to their lack of scalability and the enormous amount of maintenance (and cost) required to keep them functioning. 

Furthermore, the growing adoption of the public cloud made it not only more difficult to implement security regulations for this new breed of remote employees, but also negatively impacted the user experience.

The biggest issue with VPNs is the threat surface they provide. Any person or entity with the right SSO credentials may connect to a VPN and move laterally across the network, gaining access to all of the resources and data that the VPN was designed to protect.

ZTNA protects user access by following the concept of least privilege. Rather than relying on valid credentials, zero trust authenticates only in the proper context—that is, whenever the user, identity, device, and location all match.

What Are the Advantages of Changing Your VPN to ZTNA?

After learning the distinction between ZTNA and VPN, you may have some queries. What are the advantages of switching to ZTNA VPN?

There are several advantages to utilizing ZTNA. Among them are:

ZTNA outperforms VPN in terms of speed

When utilizing this software, there is no need to wait for an extended period of time. The reason for this is that it does not use a third-party server to access restricted websites and apps. As a result, you will get quick access to these sites.

ZTNA is simple to use

Simply launch the app, input the URL or IP address of the prohibited site, and press the Connect button. The desired webpage will thereafter be instantly accessible. There is no need to take any more procedures if this is the case.

ZTNA is compatible with all systems, including:

Android creates iOS devices.

Phones that run Windows

BlackBerry OS devices


Hopefully, this article has been able to shed some light on the topic. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to leave them below in the comment section.

Also, if you have any suggestions or maybe issues with ZTNA, please let me know so I can make sure to educate people on how to change VPN to ZTNA.

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