How many types of data communication have a system? Data communication refers to the sale of data between two or more networked or related tools. Learn the different types of data communication.

How Many Types of Data Communication Have a System?

Some common types of data communications technologies include telecommunications, computer networking, and radio/satellite communication. 


Telecommunications is a general term for the transmission of information employing electric and/or optical signals that are through wires or air. Also, the most common telecommunications technologies include telephone service, cable television, internet service, and cellular phone systems.

Telephones have been around since the late 1800s. So, the first telephones were a series of bells connected to a switchboard operator. 

The switchboard operator was the only way to communicate with people over long distances until the telephone lines became more popular during the early 1900s. Also, telephone lines were initially used for telephones only but later on, they became used for telegraphs, fax machines, and modems.

Telephone lines are still today although newer technologies are starting to become more popular such as cell phones, satellite phones, and wireless communication.

Cellular phones are a wireless technology that is used for voice, data, and messaging services. Also, you may use a cellular phone to send and receive text messages, picture messages, and emails. 

Computer Networking 

A computer network is a group of computers, printers, servers, and other devices that are to share resources. Also, the most common types of computer networks include LANs and WANs. 

LAN stands for Local Area Network. A LAN is a computer network that is to a single building or campus. However, a WAN stands for Wide Area Network. A WAN is a computer network that allows communication between multiple buildings or campuses, often over long distances. 

Because we all use computers, computer networks are extremely important to us. It’s very hard to live our lives without computers because most things in today’s world are on computers such as banking, shopping, and paying bills online. Also, computers have helped our society become a more modernized place.

Radio/Satellite Communication 

Radio/Satellite communications are for long-distance communication. Also, radio/satellite communications can be wireless or wired. 

Radio broadcasts are another type of radio communication. In the past, people would tune in to their favorite radio stations on an old-fashioned radio. Also, the most common types of radio broadcasts today include AM and FM radio.

Satellite radio is radio communications through the use of satellite technology. Also, satellite radio is the same as regular radio broadcasts except that satellite radio can be in a car, at home, or anywhere you can receive a signal.

Why Do We Need Data Communication?

Data communication is the exchange of data between two or more networked devices. Also, data communication can be wired or wireless. 

Data communication is important to us because we need it for our everyday lives. Also, data communication allows us to do things like check email, pay bills and shop online

For example, data communications have helped invent newer technologies such as cell phones, satellite phones, and wireless networks. Satellite phones are a good example of how data communication has changed the way we communicate. 


Data communication is everything to us. Also, data communication has changed the way we communicate and it has allowed us to connect with other people and communicate with them over long distances.

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