What are the benefits of using CPI cloud platform integration? CPI is a key for combining different approaches via the cloud. It is a piece of the SAP Cloud Platform. You will learn the outline of SAP Cloud Platform Integration (CPI) and its components.

What is CPI Cloud Platform Integration?

CPI is a cloud-based solution that provides a platform for integrating data and applications through business networks. It is a part of SAP’s Cloud Platform, which includes SAP Cloud Platform Integration, SAP Cloud Platform Easy Connect, and SAP Cloud Platform Marketplace.

CPI solutions provide a very secure and easy method to integrate your onsite. Also, cloud applications. 

The CPI platform is available in the form of services that can be with existing systems using adapters or as out-of-the-box integrations. This platform is on top of the SAP integration solutions and provides an easy mechanism to connect to these solutions.

The CPI service provides every stage of the integration process, from the design to testing and finally to deployment. These stages help you design, develop, and deploy your solution efficiently. 

The components provide a complete end-to-end integrated solution that supports any type of enterprise requirements. They can be independently or together. CPI has been for rapid development, so any customizations can be applied quickly. 

Benefits of Using CPI Cloud Platform Integration

The following are the advantages of using CPI:

  • A newer method of integration: The CPI cloud platform gives a newer and more efficient way of doing integration. It is simple, flexible, and fast. You can get a cloud-based connection to any environment easily.
  • Easy to use: It has an easier way of deploying the connectors because it has an integrated SAP connector. This makes it easier for users to create an integration with any application. 
  • Cloud-based: The CPI platform provides a cloud-based solution for integration which helps the user to integrate their applications without any additional infrastructure. It is a part of the cloud which helps you to integrate as well as host applications in the cloud. 


The CPI platform is available in two models: 

On-premises model: 

This model is on-premises. The CPI platform consists of the CPI Enterprise Server, which is on a private cloud. So, the Enterprise Server is a database server. 

The database server stores the data and provides access to it to the Enterprise Server. Also, the Enterprise Server has connectors, adapters, and messaging components in it. 

Cloud model: 

This model lets you connect systems that are in the cloud or on the premises. It consists of three layers, namely, the Business Service layer, Integration Services layer, and Connector layer. 

Services Provided by CPI Cloud Platform Integration

The following are the services provided by CPI: 

  • Design and configuration: CPI ensures that you have an automated design and configuration process. This helps you to design your solution quickly, without any external help. 
  • Deployment: Designing a solution is only part of the process of development. You need to deploy it in your environment for use. 
  • Development: You can develop your solutions using the connectors or adapters provided by the CPI platform. This helps you to create custom actions that are not available.


The CPI platform is there to provide a complete integration solution. It consists of several components that are to provide a seamless solution

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